17 Music Channels & Teachers You Should Be Watching

Nathan Phelps
4 min readAug 30, 2021


17 Music Channels and Teachers You Should Be Watching

Since I write a newsletter all about practicing music, it helps to keep a catalog of people I really respect on hand. This gives me ideas on what to practice (and how) and is an endless source of entertainment and inspiration.

So I figured I’d share some of that list. Below are a few of my favorite video creators in music, organized by general category. Many of these channels cover much more than the topic I’ve listed them under, so make sure to check out their channels for a more complete view.

Important Note: Just because someone doesn’t play the instrument you play doesn’t mean what they talk about doesn’t apply. I play guitar but learn more from saxophonists than anyone else.


Jeff Schneider

Amazing work on voice leading, phrasing, and breaking down jazz into bite-sized lessons

One of my absolute favorites. This guy speaks with such clarity about how to approach jazz.

Bob Reynolds

Ideal for musicians who want a well-rounded look on life as a musician

For more of a mix of professional and practical advice, check out saxophonist Bob Reynolds. Such a helpful and transparent approach to living and playing.

Chad LB

For anyone struggling with their phrasing, this guy is a gold mine.

Similar to Jeff Schneider, you won’t find a better teacher than Chad LB. This guy gets it, and he offers his wisdom with such genuine humility and pose. Hell of a player, too.

Jens Larsen

Awesome resource for beginning jazz musicians to see how teachers and professionals think about and practice jazz

Jens Larsen is such a humble and genuine voice on Youtube. Regardless of what instrument you play, his videos have a wealth of wisdom that you should check out.

Music Theory & Arranging


Awesome for harmonic breakdowns of classic songs

Wonderfully entertaining and informative videos on music theory.

Music Matters

Like sitting in class with your favorite music teacher.

Music Matters is as wholesome and insightful as it gets. These guys do such a good job breaking down complex topics and making them easy to understand.

8-Bit Music Theory

Enjoy the genius in video game music while learning something along the way

Fantastic channel that uses video games as their basis for harmonic analysis.

Adam Neely

Explore the depth and beauty of music with fantastic discussions around some of music’s most intriguing topics.

Adam Neely does way more than just music theory and dabbles in just about anything he finds interesting. He’s brilliant, and there’s a reason he’s so big.

One of my favorites:

Any Random Place Jacob Collier Pops Up

It’s rare for a genius to also be a good teacher, but that’s the case with Collier. (also good for destroying any musical ego you have)

Jacob is a constant source of insight and inspiration. He appears on a variety of channels, so just type in Jacob Collier and see what piques your interest.

Charles Cornell

Awesome for understanding jazz in a modern context and hot takes on general music happenings.

Charles is a jazz pianist with interesting takes on theory, pop, and musicianship + just the right amount of meme energy.

Practicing Music

Tom Quayle

Great for guitarists and people looking to understand improvisation & practice

Guitar virtuoso and creator of the Solo app, his channel is full of interesting concepts. They are guitar driven, but he covers a lot of topics that are good for any instrument.


Great for beginner pianists, understanding effective practice, and exploring fundamental concepts of modern music.

This channel is more piano-driven but has some fantastic videos that apply to any instrument.

Heart of Keys

Perfect for classical musicians or musicians who want to incorporate more classical pedagogy into their practice routines

For a more classical approach to practicing, Annique has some awesome insights and videos.


Inspiration for when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Tiny Desk

Arguably the best mixed and produced live concert series on the planet

Their legendary performances and curation have been consistent for years.


Incredible performances with slick shooting and design

Colors captures amazing and intimate performances complemented by impeccable aesthetic.


No-frills and laid-back mix of music and interviews

This radio station has been capturing amazing live performances for years. Type in just about any band you like followed by KCRW to find a cool performance.

My Analog Journal

Great for world music discovery

This is a recent find for me, but My Analog Journal puts together incredible sets from countries all around the world, and his selections are always worth spinning.

Have your own favorites? Leave them in a comment below — I’d love to hear them!

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